Deborah's Story

Deborah is an Ascension Guide and Medicine Woman. These women know that ALL things in life are medicine.  Joy, laughter, heartbreak, illness, love, good fortune, bad luck, events, circumstances, and tough challenges are just a few examples of what can show up for you that can potentially be your cure. It just takes a change in perspective to see how it all works. She helps others to recognize the healing opportunities happening in our lives that we may not be aware of. Deborah has the ability to help you weave together your inner life with your outer life, as one is a reflection of the other. We are in an exciting time in Human history...a time of evolution and ascension. Deborah can guide you, as she has already made the journey. Here's her story...

As a child, Deborah saw people and objects in the world as colors and symbols. She especially loved playing in nature... disappearing for hours. Other than being the "peculiar" middle daughter of three girls, she lived a fairly normal life. That was, until an event changed her world in 2009.  She refers to it as her "Near Death Experience". Hearing a piercing electrical sound, terrified and unable to move, she suddenly found herself floating above her body. She had no idea if she was dead or alive. She was scrambling in the air, doing whatever she could to return to the figure below that she knew of as herself. Eventually she found her way back to her body, but she was not the same. She returned with the ability to physically see holograms; along with clairvoyance,  clairaudience, clairsentience, precognition, and explosion of creativity.  As the years went by, other abilities developed.  Most significantly, the ability to speak, sing, write, and sign a strange language came forward. This language has had many names(Angelic Language, Language of the Birds, Green Language, etc.). Today it is referred to as "Light Language". It is said to be the ancient original seed language of humanity, yet it is Universal. It's a bridge of healing communication between our world and the Universe. It speaks directly to the DNA and cells of our bodies, reawakening any dormancy within.

Not knowing what had happened to her, the search began. First looking to the medical community... getting CAT scans, an MRI, visiting an Ophthalmologist, obtaining blood tests, etc.  After receiving an "all clear" from Doctors, she finally accepted that what she had experienced was spiritual. She researched all that she could and discovered that her experience was common with people in ancient cultures who eventually went on to become Shamans. It was an initiation… she had been called. Her life was forever changed. Her marriage fell apart, she changed careers, and she left her old reality behind.

Deborah was not raised with any religious dogma, never meditated, no yoga, no hallucinogenic ceremonies, no working with crystals, etc. Not that they aren't beneficial, but her experience showed her that they aren't required for a spiritual awakening. She did, however, live a life where she questioned everything. She allowed herself to be led by her heart, and she challenged her fears.

For years she kept it all hidden, pretending that she was "normal". But at a certain point, she realized that it was no longer possible for her to live a life behind a mask. Deborah is confident that the abilities and gifts she has been given can help others.

Most of the holograms that she has the ability to see come in the form of spirals, tribal symbols, Mayan glyphs, and other shamanic type pictures. Deborah works heavily with earth based rituals and elements. Earth based spirituality doesn't belong to any one particular group of people. If you are human, you are indigenous to this planet, and the practices belong to you. We are now coming into a remembrance of these sacred practices that are natural to us and live in our very own DNA. Deborah believes that we will all, once again, remember who we are and respect our beautiful planet Earth.  

Deborah's awakening  and remembrance began in 2004. She now lives permanently on a New Earth, able to walk between worlds to assist others.

Deborah's Services

Deborah empowers you to awaken yourself.  Her one-on-one counseling helps you to discover who you truly are. You have all you need inside of you. Deborah simply helps you remember what you have forgotten and will guide you back to yourself.

Deborah's other major modality in assisting others is speaking and singing Light Language in a shamanic ceremony setting. Our current languages have emotional and intellectual attachments to them, that is not the case with Light Language. This magical language is used to speak to the very cells of our bodies. It bypasses the rational mind and the logical side of the brain. It is a heart based language based on harmonics that speaks to your body on a cellular level. It helps to clear any blocks that may be preventing someone from living a life of joy, our natural state! When hearing Light Language, you may cry, laugh, get angry, chills, coughing, feel sensations, shake, etc.. It all depends on what needs to be addressed at the time. The cells of your body will recognize it and begin to work with the parts of you that are in need of healing. It awakens dormant energy in your body and brings everything back "online"! 

Deborah believes in using frequency and vibration to awaken dormant energies within you. She uses drumming in conjunction with singing and speaking light language in a shamanic ceremony. The vibrations of the drum help the words she sings penetrate deeper into the cells of the body. Many claim to have parts of their body healed after a drumming ceremony.

Deborah also offers written Light Language. She taps into your energy, asking for the most healing frequencies that would benefit you at the time. While speaking Light Language, the frequencies come through her hands, resulting in the written symbols you see on the surface of the paper. Just having the symbols around you raises your vibration and the vibration of the room they are in.